• Q. Why should I invest in real estate rentals?
    A. Investing in real estate has been the back bone of building wealth over time. Residential rentals offer investors many benefits that other investments do not. The cash return is relatively constant and secure. If managed and preserved properly it will offer capital appreciation which can be “harvested” (refinancing) for further investments. It offers tax benefits to most investors.

  • Q. Why should I own rental property in the RGV?
    A. Texas is growing. Mexico is growing. The RGV will benefit from both. Real estate in south Texas has been relatively stable with constant yet not volatile growth. The projected growth of RGV will continue to increase the demand for quality rental homes.

  • Q. Will ACCEL help me find, purchase, and manage properties?
    A. Accel’s business plan includes internal growth by assisting its current clients and new potential clients “accelerate” their wealth growth through a systematic approach to investing in residential rentals. Accel will help you locate, analyze, purchase, and manage your investments.

  • Q. Are RGV banks providing loans for residential rentals?
    A. The financing aspect of a real estate investment is different for each investor. Local banks are making portfolio loans to qualified investors. Accel believes that it is important to have the financing in place prior to making offers. It strengthens the offer and keeps the process moving smoothly.

  • Q. Why should I retain a property manager?
    A. Residential rentals are subject to complex rules and regulations with hefty penalties for non-compliance. Accel, as a property manager, is licensed by the state to represent owners of rental properties and to insure their compliance with these complex regulations. A good property manager will maximize your annual ROI while preserving and improving your asset value thereby maximizing your capital gain over time.

  • Q. Will the management fee eat up my cash flow?
    A. Although you will have an added cost, it should actually improve your cash flow. Accel, as a property manager, can screen tenants, has access to larger marketing media to find tenants quickly and is usually better at collecting rents and maintaining properties than the owner.