Our Commitment to You

At Accel Property Management and Investments LLC, we are committed to handling the day-to-day details of your rental investment so you can enjoy your investment without worries. At Accel Property Management and Investments we provide:

Assistance in Determining an Appropriate Rent

“Ann has been with working with me for a few years now. I trust her entirely excited to have her as my property manager. I don’t have any major concerns on any responsibilities. She does a great job here for me. She helped me score a purchase of a property. Really amazing I trust her enough to help me buy a property.”-Keith R.

We utilize our market knowledge to assist you in determining a fair market rent that will be competitive, yet provide you with the highest net return possible on your investment.

Advertising to Find Qualified Tenants

We use a comprehensive approach to advertising to ensure your property is exposed to the maximum number of potential renters. We advertise on a variety of internet sites. We utilize yard signs. The services of the MLS are available at your request. You determine the leasing fee paid to the co-op agent on MLS listings.

Tenant Screening Services

We offer an extensive screening service to ensure the potential tenants are qualified to rent your home. All potential tenants fill out an online rental application. They are screened for their credit history, a criminal background check, and a rental history if they have been renting. We require an income of 3 times the asking rent. We verify their source of income and require copies of their photo ID.

Detailed Leases

We are a licensed brokerage by the Texas Real Estate Commission and members of the Texas Association of Realtors. We use the Texas Association of Realtors lease which is a comprehensive document designed to cover all aspects of the leasing process. The lease incorporates the current Texas Property Code & is updated frequently. Our lease takes a pro-active stance to prevent problems in the leasing process and make each party aware of their responsibilities.

Property Inspections

We inspect the property at the beginning of a lease period to ensure the property is safe and meets all the requirements of the Texas Property Code. We do periodic checks of the property when vendors perform repairs. We also do an inspection upon lease renewal and when a tenant moves out.

Maintenance Services

We believe it is essential to maintain your home to preserve your investment. Because of this we work with preferred vendors for our repairs. Our vendors have been screened for their quality of work and dependability. Working with our vendors ensures your repairs will be done in a timely and cost effective manner. A follow up system is in place once repairs have been done to ensure repairs have been done to our standards.

Accounting Services

You will receive an itemized statement each month detailing the income received as well as all expenses charged such as management fees and repairs. Your net profit for the month will be direct deposited to your account on the 14th or the 24th of each month. Owners may request to have a check mailed. In January you will receive a Profit & Loss Statement for the prior year and a 1099 for your rental income.