• Q. How long is the duration of the lease?
    A. We recommend a 1 year lease. Less than a year the turn-over is too expensive, more than a year can be limiting since we don’t want to be locked into a rent or find the tenant may not perform per the contract. However, you own the property and we tailor the lease to fit your needs.

  • Q. What if the tenant doesn’t take care of my property?
    A. Our lease contract spells out in great detail our expectations of how your home should be cared for. We reserve the right in our lease contract to do periodic checks with your tenant to ensure they are caring for your home. We also train our vendors when they are performing services to alert us to any problems in the condition of the property. We help protect you by recommending sufficient security deposits and choosing your tenants carefully.

  • Q. What if the tenant doesn’t pay the rent?
    A. We write our leases with late fees starting on day 3 and provide for daily punitive charges as an incentive for tenants to pay rent on time. We contact tenants who are late in their rent to determine why the rent is late and when it will be paid. If payment is not promptly received after contacting the tenants they are issued a notice to vacate. If payment is still not received then we begin the paperwork process for an eviction after consulting with you. Each month we follow up with a written demand for any outstanding late fees to be paid with the following month’s rent. We follow our contract which stipulates the oldest charges are to be paid first with any monies received. This forces tenants to pay any outstanding late fees. If they choose not to pay the outstanding fees their new rent is short & they acquire new late fees. All late fees received are split 50/50 with our owners.

  • Q. How will I know what is going on with my property?
    A. You will receive monthly statements from us for the financial aspects of your property. If there is a needed repair above the reserve limit we will contact you. You are always welcome to email our office for an update or concern you have with your property. We believe communication is good and we strive to keep you informed of what is going on with your property.

  • Q. How do you handle repairs and do you require money to be held for possible repairs?
    A. We require $350 to be held in your account for potential repairs. For repairs under $350 we will not contact you before repairing. For repairs in excess of this amount, we will contact you prior to authorizing the repair. If we see the need for additional repairs or deferred maintenance that needs to be done, we will contact you. Emergency repairs above $350 we will attempt to contact you, however, if you cannot be reached Texas Property Code required repairs will be done to follow the law and you will be asked to reimburse for those expenses.

  • Q. What types of fees do you charge for managing my property?
    A. We charge 10% of the gross monthly rents to manage your property. We charge a $500 leasing fee when we put in a new tenant. We charge $250 for renewing an existing tenant when the lease is up for renewal. If you would like your property listed on the MLS for other agents to bring a tenant you will determine the leasing fee to pay to the other agent and that fee is in addition to Accel’s $500 leasing fee.

  • Q. Am I charged a management fee while my property is vacant?
    A. No

  • Q. When will I be paid?
    A. We pay owners on the 14th and 24th of each month via direct deposit. If those dates fall on a weekend then your deposit will be on the next business day. To receive your direct deposit on the 14th your tenant’s rent must be received by the 10th. To receive your direct deposit on the 24th your tenant’s rent must be received by the 20th. You may also have a check mailed to you if you do not want direct deposit. Mailed checks are processed between the 15th and 20th of each month.