Accel Property Management was founded by Ann Anderson. Ann has been investing in rental property since 1987. She is passionate about investing in rental properties as a way to become financially independent. In 2007 Ann decided to sell her investment property in San Jose, CA & do a tax exchange for rental property in McAllen. In preparation she contacted some of the most reputable property management firms in the Rio Grande Valley to get advice on the rental market. She was totally discouraged about investing after talking with these firms. Many companies didn’t answer the phone & she waited days for a call back. When she did talk to someone they seemed to spend the entire time discouraging her from purchasing rental property & telling her all the problems with rentals. Her most shocking revelation was that some companies actually charge a management fee when your property was vacant. They got paid whether they were successful or not in getting your home rented. She couldn’t believe the apathy most of the firms she contacted seemed to embrace. She got to thinking if she felt this way then probably other investors & landlords might be feeling this way too.

At the same time Ann’s career path was changing rapidly also.

She knew from her own property management search that the marketplace had a void. Surely other investors wanted their properties well cared for and wanted a company that was pro-active in finding & monitoring their tenants. Tenants most likely wanted clean properties to rent where repairs were done & followed up on. Both owners & tenants must want a firm that returned phone calls in a timely manner.

So in May 2008 Accel Property Management opened in Ann’s home in response to these needs. The name Accel was derived from the word accelerate. Ann believed the way to ACCELerate your way to financial freedom was through owning residential investment property. Accel started small to be able to provide top quality customer service. As the company provided unparalleled service the number of investors & tenants wanting this type of service continued to grow.

By the end of 2013 the company had grown beyond what Ann could successfully manage on her own & still provide the level of service Accel Property Management was committed to giving so they hired their first assistant & moved to their office location on Dove. The growth of Accel has shown us there is a demand for high quality property management in the Rio Grande Valley. Our goal is to respond to this demand by continuing to grow, improve, & meet the demands of our marketplace.




We treat all individuals with respect and honesty. Our reputation as honest business people is foundational to who we are. We put honesty above personal profit. Our belief is if you treat people honestly & fairly your profits will follow.



We strive to continually educate ourselves to grow and improve the way we do our business. We educate ourselves through on-going training, coaching, attending business conferences, and belonging to trade organizations to improve our skills. We read books to improve our skill set. We evaluate our performance on an ongoing basis to improve our skills sets and profitability. Our goal is to learn, grow & change so we are on the cutting edge of business trends and continually improving how we do business in our marketplace.



We believe that everything we do must be done with a spirit of excellence. Our spirit of excellence starts with how we treat our customers when they communicate with us, how we care for their properties, and how we respond to our clients & customer’s needs. Our goal is to care for people in a manner that exceeds their expectations.

Meet Our Team

Our Team


Ann Anderson – Broker

Ann has a degree in Social Work from Cornell University. After joining the workforce in 1982 and spending a brief period in social service and the teaching fields she quickly learned her real passion was for business.

Ann has been in real estate since 1986 when she was first licensed in San Jose, CA. From 1986-2000 she “obtained her Broker’s License”, sold real estate, was a Sales Manager and ran the office she co-owned. She learned to sell homes and work in the fast-paced and competitive Silicon Valley market.

After moving to McAllen in 2000 she took a break from real estate sales but continued to own rental real estate. In 2007 she returned to a real estate career and did association management for the local Greater McAllen Association of Realtors. In 2008 she started Accel Property Management & Investments, LLC. Ann has a passion for investing in real estate and helping others do the same.


Chuck Bryson – Maintenance Manager

Chuck comes to us with a rich background in construction. He owned his own Drywall & Contracting Business in Illinois for over 25 years. He built his own home in Illinois from framing to finish. He married Ann & moved to McAllen in April of 2012. Chuck arrived in McAllen the night of the 2012 hail storm. The team teases that he had a baptism by hail. Chuck enjoys people & has a wonderful ability to train, coordinate. oversee & fix whatever needs to be fixed at the properties Accel manages. Chuck’s favorite motto taught to him by his Grandfather is “do it right the first time”. He takes this spirit of excellence into Accel’s Maintenance Department.


Erica Saenz - Administrative Assistant

Erica has extensive knowledge of customer service. She worked for several years at the Bert Ogden family of car dealerships in their customer service department & as an Office Manager. She has always had a desire to pursue a career in real estate. She is currently studying to get her sales associate license. Erica assists Ann in the leasing area.


Kersten Anderson - Accounting & Marketing

Kersten grew up in the dot-com era of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. The daughter of real estate entrepreneurs, marketing was always in her blood, and in 2009 she graduated with a degree in marketing from Oral Roberts University. In 2011 she completed her MBA there as well. While in college she helped Accel get their marketing off the ground and has been part of the team ever since. Whether it is social media, email marketing, or billing, Kersten has been part of the Accel team since its inception.

Kersten also runs her own social media marketing business and after 10 years of owning her own business, she discovered pilates as a way to relieve the stress of being a business owner and developed a passion. In March of this year, she began her Teacher Training certification with completion set by the beginning of 2023. She has shared her pilates story using her social media business background with over a million views across her accounts sharing the message of body-positive pilates.